Monday, March 26, 2007

Ikari Weekend Warriors

Above: Anyone else remember this game? Two shirtless Rambo esq. bad assess go running into the jungle with head bands and machine guns.

Back for another Monday post. This weekend was long and boring. I did go to the Sonics game on Friday with my cousin and the Sups beat the T'Wolves suprisingly. Other then that all energies are being spent on a big project almost 8 months in the making. You'll see it soon hopefully.

Keep it real.

Diggin In The Links:

Anna Nicole died from drug over dose
Ed* Really? Really America? We didn't see this one coming?

Beenie Man's reign over?
Ed* The longest dancehall feud just gets more boring each year

Another rapper shot in face
Ed* $hit you don't even have to be popular to get shot anymore

Neckface billboard gets dissed
Ed* Well sort of...

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