Thursday, August 9, 2012

SDTW Shurt Feelings

Not really trying to pick on lil ol' Mishka, but the fuck bruh?

So you wanna make an Action Bronson tee? Cool. Go for it. I like dude's shit. Oh you like Black Flag too? Okay.... But what's that gotta do with Action Bronson?

Oh yeah..... negative fucking nothing minus infinity.

If I were to apply this "brilliant" design logic to my every day life I'd be ordering ice cream sundaes with Cool Ranch Doritos. 
Why in the fuck do you need to mix two good things together when you're trying to promote one thing?

People be doing this shit all the time. Every mixtape has to be themed off a movie. Every tee shirt has to be a flip on another t shirt. It's like asshole inception. 

Just make stuff good. Is that a crazy idea? Like am I being too intellectual with that line of thinking?

When I'm listening to Black Flag you know what I really want to hear?

Action Bronson.

Oh wait, nope. I just want to listen to Black Flag. My eyeballs work the same way. When I see a naked girl I really don't need to see a dude's beef.

It's also worth noting that this shirt is 1000% asshole approved solely because of dude modeling it. I mean talk about personifying the PERFECT rap fan.

White, gauged earrings, shitty color tattoos, and I get the vibe he's an aspiring "street artist" but I can't prove that.

Ain't trying to shit on y'all. I don't truly have the time or want to do so. I am just trying to point to the kids that it's okay to like things that are just one thing. You don't have to make your designs the amalgam of everything you've ever liked ever.




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