Thursday, August 16, 2012

SDTW Shurt Feelings #11


Shurt Feelings back up in da buildin.

It works like so:

I pick a shirt and discuss how neato I think it is

Let's go...

I'm just gonna go ahead and start out with the heater out of today's picks. 
And.....just when you thought it was safe to live in the United States again someone just had to go and raise the National Bummer Level to Code: Turquoise.

Usually when I pick on talking t shirts it is because they are agredious lies. 
This one though......... Yeah homie, you officially doing the most right there. Keep doing you bruh.

I disagree. You can trust people. Just don't try and convince people that you aren't an idiot because one of your idols was a performing arts high school student slash back up dancer turnt gangster rapper. So really the problem with this particular design is that it just lacks specificity.

This is a shirt that a dude buys the first week at college, but doesn't wear when he goes home to visit for Thanksgiving cause his dad is a judge and would totally "flip his lid" if he saw it.

You know...I don't think that the dudes that wear "hood pin up" tees understand the glaring irony of wearing a shirt with imagery that is supposed to illicit erections from other dudes. 
So yeah....think that little nugget over for a minute there, Garret.


  1. That last shirt with the "hood pin up" explains the EXACT reason that I don't like the T.I.T.S. brand lol

    Dope post homie!