Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Now we can finally put the nail in the coffin for idiots.


  1. is this for real?? jesus frigging christ.

  2. Yeah, is this real? I'm a carpenter, and I swear as my duty to my fellow inhabitants, if I ever, EVER, see someone tryinta floss this, in any circumstance, anywhere on planet Earth, I will destroy their entire existence. And take off their $400 workbooks that ain't never done shit, 'n give em to some Mexican homies that'll use em, resole em cinco times, and pass em down to their sons.
    What the fuk is wrong with rich white kids try'n to look like they've seen some labor, and/or grew up in the industrial 1940's building skyscrapers?
    Riddle Retard Fake Steel Workin Dapper Dickholes

  3. Perfect for hanging limited prints in your bedroom at mom and dads

  4. why the fuck is supreme even relevant? for over a decade, i've always wondered just what the fuck makes supreme so god damn special. why the fuck?

  5. I once had to spend some hard earned dollars on a skateboard at Supreme because it was the closest place to get a board and I had skating to do. That was the worst decision I made that day. These people are out of control whackos that are closer to chicks than dudes. I never seen a girl in the mirror as long as these assholes. Fuck Supreme.

  6. if you took every faggot that mouths off about how shitty supreme is, put them all together and gave them the opportunity to come up with an original idea, they couldn't pull off 1% of the awesome shit that supreme does.
    thats why you homos will keep working construction and buying skateboards from shops you hate. that has got to be one of the most boneheaded comments ever.
    meanwhile James Jebbia will keep slangin them shirts/skateboards/calendars/stickers/hammers/hats/sleeping bags etc. in stores across the world being a general badass and kicking it with folks that you would jizz in your pants if they walked past you in the street.
    Cheshire Cat, you are a fucking idiot.
    Supreme is the fucking shit. Someone should take a Supreme Hammer to most of your faces.