Wednesday, June 6, 2012

SDTW Shurt Feelings #9

Let's do this...

It works like so:

Pick a shirt and describe how amazing it is.

Jacque Cousteau? Jacque fucking Cousteau homie? I think we should just proceed to the next shirt before everyone starts having an anger induced stroke.

You can either be into gothic trap rap or sports, but you can't be into both. That's a rule, right? I think it's a rule.

Here's the deal with Basquiat. People try and over think the shit, but I'll break it down for you right here. If you like injecting HIV positive syringes of heroin into your dick vein THEN you'll probably think Basquiat is tight.

Always watch your back, because you never know if a light skinnded bearded hipster is behind you trying to sad face you to death with his scary talky t-shirt.

There is nothing overtly terrible about this shirt, but this dude is just asking for it. The mother fucker looks like a Brayden. Does that face not scream "my name is Brayden and I almost got arrested for wheat pasting this one time?"


  1. Tell us how you really feel about JMB's work. lol

  2. lmaoooooo. dope blog. stay greezy. we out cheeaa in shanghai cuh