Friday, December 16, 2011

SDTW Skin Farts

Urrrryyyyy once in a while I'll try (keyword try) and make an effort to pontificate on tattoos or skin farts that are deserving of extra attention. It's not even really on the radar, but if you're gonna force me to look at the shit I'm at least gonna holler with 2 cents. Spend it however you want.

Here we go....

Well if it isn't Deebra Chopra herself.

Clearly, you must be a very deep thinking 19 year old. There must be so much meditation occurring in your daily life.

The cross of contemplation that you bear must weigh on your brow. Things like having to get all wax poetical about which Fleet Foxes song is truly the BEST must be immensely draining on your chi. You demand balance and symmetry in your mind and body, but how could you tell that to the world? How could you possibly show people on a daily basis that you are an edgy alt thinking w√ľnder monk?


Never mind that it looks like the worst spider web in the history of life. Also don't worry about when you're not standing in the prayer pose for that whole fucking mess to even make sense.

Maybe I'm being too hard on you. You just wanted people to know that you have the fashion sense of skinheaded Debbie Gibson but the mind of a monk. Can monks have dubstep on their i-phones? What does Buddah say about Skrillex?

Fair enough, but if you're gonna go monk go full monk and light yourself on fire cause that shit is raping my mind and is giving me a solid migraine.

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