Friday, March 25, 2011

SDTW Tees?

Ah yeah dawg. We were waiting for the precise moment to announce that SDTW is now a full on clothing line. That moment is now.

Our first offering will be these custom cut and sewn pocket tees.

These joints will get you wild amounts of pussy. They're made out of whatever the hell t-shirts are made out of and they have our name on them somewhere.

If you rock this mad tumblr dudes will take your picture and sandwich your photo between a naked bitch smoking and photo of some gay ass shoes that my grampa wears.

Now taking pre-orders:


  1. you ran a competition for someone to design you a tshirt before?
    Dont hate it because you aint it.

  2. So you've read SDTW for the last two years because you love "glaring" hypocrisy? Or is it something or "someone" that keeps you coming back?

    Do tell Anonymous :-)

  3. what happened to Heavy Manners?