Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pure TFP

Pure has a website.

One of my personal favorite writers not like that is a unique sentiment or anything.

Dude is one of the best though.


  1. you're a toy. you're white. you have no business copying a copy of a copy of a picture and posting it on your site so everyone thinks you're down with bombing. you wish you could write. you wish you were a part of our culture. but by the time we're out bombing, you've got your thumb nestled straight up your ass. and somebody comes and snaps pictures of our work, and you spend countless hours surfing the web until you come across it, then post it on your white boy blog with your white boy followers so you can feel popular. i can imagine you bragging in a bar "check out my blog, i ripped the blog name from a writer that had an arm missing, because i saw this dvd about graffiti, and i figured i'd hop on the train if i'm not bombing it"
    kaput said stop fucking telling people he's your "favorite". we don't need your approval you fucking toy cunt.

  2. So when you are not out bombing you read "toy" blogs and anonymously comment on them?

    These dudes NEVER send emails.