Monday, October 1, 2012


Kidult videos are the new Che Guerva tee shirt. 

I never thought I'd ever hear a sermon about graffiti.

This dude saw "Exit From The Gift Shop" and got wild hyped.

Number of writers that have ever seen a Kidult tag = 0 

Nah bruh



  1. wait.. if you are defacing public property under another public entity's name (Kidult), you're just a part of Kidult's marketing...durr.. and why in the hell would all these spots see Kidult on their establishments (or this video, even) and not go after Kidult....... oh and didn't Pharrell start Kidult?
    me gots ache head

  2. holy shit was that video ever gay!
    sound like a revolutionary 11 year old.

  3. A revolutionary minded 11 year old bruh

  4. as delusional as he seems, at the very least he's still getting out and getting up. hitting the supreme store will always have a place in my heart.