Monday, September 3, 2012

Once Viewed...


  1. "urban"..... """"urrrrbane"""""

  2. Graffiti is poisoned by tall poppy syndrome.
    Would you prefer if KR lived a shitty junkie's life and then died young like so many other writers.
    The guy is over the hill in terms of being an active writer and he is making money by doing something with his talent.
    It's Roger Gastman that should we should be shaking our head at for selling out graffiti to the highest bidder and fooling everyone into thinking he is keeping it real.
    Name another writer that has as many products selling every day around the world that isn't KAWS.

  3. Nah, graffiti is about style. End of. It doesn't matter if you are successful or not, style is the most important factor.

  4. props to KR. homie has more than paid his dues. i'd be more concerned with this seattle blogger clowning on KR. mr seattle, where's your credentials? you need a history lesson.

  5. Sorry to bust up the graff nerd orgy in here guys, but this isn't a Krink ad. It's an ad from an art store that I found AMUSING. Please take it easy on your graffiti writer turned high end art illuminati theories as know one here actually cares enough about anything.


  6. if KR gets paid, more power to him. this is more marketing for him. support the homie. you should have said "pop media puts more money into KR's pockets"