Thursday, February 16, 2012

SDTW Shurt Feelings #7

I consider this Diet Shurt Feelings. I'm busy and this shit don't pay the bills.

Deal with it.

How about this guys? I D.A.R.E you to make one seasonal drop where you don't use a logo flip.

(Insert Jadakiss laugh here)

Easy there Raphael. Why you look so scared blood? Dude looks like streetwear's version of The Great Mouse Detective

Again, we are presented with a t-shirt that boldly states a phrase that is in fact not even a phrase. Swag your nuts? How does one "swag" nuts? This looks like a shirt you would put on before going to toilet paper someone's house.

This is Weezy's new skate line called Trukfit. Each tee shirt comes with a free suicide. You used to be man!

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  1. You should do one of these post's on the new lame seventh letter range revok just put on his blog.