Sunday, January 31, 2010

SDTW Approves

"You know I hate combo animals, Leopard Gecko. Get a more original name, like maybe Uneven Tail Gecko. Did your tail swallow a candy corn? I don't give a shit about your freaky eyes, you're still all elbows and suckage."

- taken from FUPENGUIN.COM

I got linked to this site by the Dr. Hound and I've been laughing ever since.

I'm pretty sure this dude just finds pictures of different animals and then proceeds to talk shit to them. He is a dude I can see eye to eye with.

The one above is my favorite so far.

Friday, January 29, 2010

I Heart The Internets * Bonus

Look at this kid. Seriously. Have you ever seen someone more convincing of anything in your life?
You look me in the eye and you tell me that you don't have at least the slightest fear that he may know some sort of martial art or have some weapons training.

No, no you tell me that shit with your hand on the bible.

Look at him!!!!

I Heart The Internets

The shark getting shot for the win.

For Nick

Heltah Skeltah

Dudes always have good lyrics. Always.

To quoteth Rock:

"You can find me in, drinking wine in, Amy Winehouse's house, with a different rock pipe in her mouth."

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Catsploitation Show Feb 5th

Alex Lacao's CATSPLOITATION from PHEED on Vimeo.

Baby Al has another show this time at Moksha on the ave on February 5th from 8 - 11pm.

All joking aside even if I didn't know the wreck that is Alex I would still post his art up here. All analog homie. No dip dibby digital ting in here. Dude's portfolio consists entirely of construction paper and glue sticks.

Shot and cut by Pheed.

Prison Pose

I'm on this prison pose kick right now.

For those not in the know.

Prison Pose defined:

A term used to describe a picture pose where the person/people being photographed are crouched down and trying to look tough.

You'll be surprised how universal this pose is.

Reggae Album Cover Art

Design wise that Dub Basket joint seems to be the clear winner, but that Anthony Johnson cover is calling my name with it's gully cut and paste job.

Lone Ranger

Right? Oink!!!!

This is the album I was referencing from my breakfast porn shot.

All Studio One riddims courtesy of Coxsone Dodd and company.

Jackie Mittoo on the keys which is always a nice bonus.

Nothing on this album is touching "Automatic" on one of my all time favorites "Truth and Rights" riddim.

Skipidy Dibidy Right Oink!!!!!!

SDTW Approves

I approve bossing up on some red tasso gravy n' biscuits with a cup of french press coffee while bumping Lone Ranger pon' the lap top.

The best part is it will only set you back $7.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Three 6 Mafia "Tear Da Club"

Dear Ignorance,

I miss you.



Fat Girls Strike Again

It looks like I've stumbled on to what is becoming an alarming trend.

Fat chicks are out for blood I guess.

Watch as these three fatties beat this dude down in New Zealand.

I've always been slightly frightened by fat chicks and this only worsens said fear.

A little life advice for all the fellas:

Never, ever, ever, try and pick a fight or even get into a heated argument with a fat chick. You have ZERO to gain. If she attacks you and you use force to stop her you will go to jail and if you try and cover up and take the hits you will look like a wanker for that too unfortunately.

The best thing to do is to make an obnoxious fart noise super loud in her face and then proceed to leave the bar, club, or public venue swiftly. Run if you need to. There is no shame in ducking from a fatso.

I Heart The Internets

I wholly support graffiti like this.

Maybe the dude was some skinny jeans twat running around with a kufi scarf and a stock tip, but who cares?

LBA crew is up and you are at home on your computer being salty.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Townes Van Zandt

I am on the most serious Townes Van Zandt kick right now. I mean I'm deep in it right now. I am even considering just rocking bolo ties and pearl snap shirts every day.

I don't know how many of you will like Townes.

If you're still stuck listening to the same music you liked in high school you probably won't be able to fuck with him.

He quite possibly may be the best song writer to have ever lived. A lot of his peers seem to say so and I wouldn't argue that he is at the very least one of the best of all time.

I personally like all the dark and depressing stuff the best, but there are more upbeat bluesy tracks on here too that have a little pep to them.

I will probably post a few albums up over the next couple of weeks.


The best song on this album would probably be a toss up between "Rake" and "Nothin"

Here is "Rake"

No Fucking Way!

No way is this real. No way did this happen in a court of law.

This fat chick sat (I repeat) sat on her boyfriend and killed him.

Not on accident.

She killed him by smothering him with her lard.

She got 3 years probation.

That's it.

Fucking mental!!!!


* It's not the murder just the trial.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Alborosie "Blue Movie Boo"

I'm not sure how he pulled this one off, but Alborosie (born and raised in Italy) channels his inner Buju (90's Buju mind you) for this tune.

The video isn't too bad considering dancehall videos are some of the most shiteous things ever captured on video, but you the viewer gets treated to some slack bubbling, a U-Roy cameo, weird Italian dudes showing up to the yard, and so on.

Hats off to Alborosie for pulling off the 90's dancehall hail mary.


The Unicorn Don

Thanks Murph Dawg

I Heart The Internets

This pretty much sums up my choice in friends.

I Heart The Internets


Dude 1: "Yo, where'd Derrick go?"
Dude 2: "Uh he said he was gonna go bum a smoke outside or some shit."

Pose x LRG

My homie Mike Glory shot and cut this short on Pose MSK painting a commissioned piece at the LRG offices.

I really love when people paint just using black and white.

Nice song too.


I still don't have a handle on this thing they call dubstep.

From what I personally have been listening to it sounds like the only thing you need to have in a tune to be considered dub step is some low bass. I'm not gonna sit here and lie like I know what the fuck I'm talking about with dubstep because for a dude in Seattle it's just not gonna happen.

This record sounds a lot more house and jungle inspired than what I've heard from the genre.

I found a nice likkle interview with the man himself who apparently doesn't show his face or some shit. At any rate I've been listening to this record for the last couple of days and if you're not a close minded twat it's worth a play.

Zomby x XLR8R interview


My favorite tune thus far is the title track:

Reggae Album Cover Art

That King Kong record would win this one if it was higher resolution.

He's just bossing up in front of a fucking parrot like it's some every day type shit. Game over.

Face Melting

I want this painted in my living room stat.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Banksy Movie

Everyone has their own opinion of Banksy.

He was everybody's favorite before your mom knew who he was. It's funny how once something or someone gains mass appeal they usually get banished from the group that championed them first.

Personally, I think Banksy is great. If I have to see some street art non sense on a wall it better be funny. Dude is funny. You can hate on him all you want, but if you say he isn't funny you're just lying to yourself. And it's no secret the dude can paint. Brushes, oils, stencils, he even did that burner on a cow I think. You try painting on a cow, b!

I'm not trying to defend dude's honor. I don't own any Banksy books, art, or commemorative dishware so it doesn't matter to me.

The trailer looks pretty good and I'm sure there is much more to it than what they are revealing now which is usually the case with that cheeky fucker.

As far as street art is concerned. It is what it is. It's not graffiti. It is simply wheat paste, stickers, and such. Is it art? I don't know. I don't really care. I don't think graffiti is art either so I guess it isn't something I even care to think about.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Flick Of The Day

Bay and Bond

by Chain 3 qnd Tean I believe.

Is there any name Chain 3 couldn't do?

Yabby You Meets Michael Prophet

Yabby You all week.

You're going to have to deal with it.

Macho Tail Drop

Don't quote me on this, but this might be an actual good movie that has skateboarding in it.

Again this has NEVER happened in cinema before save for Gleaming The Cube.

The formula to making a good skateboarding movie is actually quite simple.

Yoou just need to make a good movie THEN add some skateboarding into the story. Key word is "some" here people. Just sprinkle in a little. Don't go and make some "Just one kid and his skateboard against the world" bullshit. That was only allowed in the 80's for a short while. Mostly during the time when audiences were succesitable to monatges example.

If you make a movie around just skateboarding that uses the "Rocky" formula you end up with Street Dreams.

With the script being full of gems like:

Dad: "Don't you realize that you're throwing your life away?"

P.Rod: "I'm not throwing anything away."


Props to GT

Not Cool Dude

I won't even discuss what happened to the Chargers, but this picture symbolizes that sentiment perfectly.

Props to C-Murder

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Yabby You

It has become pretty cliche to do a "R.I.P" or "Tribute" post on a blog for deceased musicians/artists/whoever, but some people resonate enough with me that I think it is totally valid to drop one even if you didn't know them personally. I mean honoring the loss of life can't get "played" out can it?

I hope not.

Yabby You a.k.a Yabby U a.k.a Vivian Jackson was by far my favorite roots artist. That is saying a lot for someone that has been obsessively listening to the music for 15 years.

I'm not going to do some huge bio of the dude's life you can read that HERE.

I will however put you on to my favorite tunes.

4 Yabby You Albums
* Need to upload "Jesus Dread" myself, but still some heavy tunes on this link

I would start with this "Yabby You "Jesus Dread 1972-1977" Two-Disc

This covers most of his best works and also has everyone you could imagine in the studio with him at in their collective primes such as: Dillinger, Trinity, Tapper Zukie, King Tubby, Wayne Wade and Big Youth. The Tubby versions are MANDATORY listening. Yabby's lyrics compliment the haunting armageddon-esq tunes so well it should be a crime. These versions really give you a good feel of what versions should sound like: rougher, heavier, and dubbier. (I know that is not a word)

If you're looking for his vinyl make sure you check for the name Vivian Jackson as he wasn't really called Yabby You in print as much. Even though that is his most known nom de plume.

I would challenge even the most hesitant roots listener to try Yabby You. Even my friends that rank on me for liking reggae will fuck with this 2 disc. Usually while being all spleefed out in a van, but they end up always asking me "Who is this again?" when it's playing in the car.

I've been lucky enough to see many of the roots artists that I have wanted to see live unfortunately I never got to see Yabby play. If anyone has dubplates or tribute mixes in the works please feel free to forward them on in the comments.

Again, rest in peace to one of the best roots musicians of all time.

Now we haffi' run one the hardest tunes ever cut: "Conquering Lion" riddim

I Heart iChat (Mom Dukes Edition)

The difference between me and other bloggers is I don't get "tough" on the internet. I will say some shit in person. That doesn't mean I'm some sort of UFC bad ass. I'm far from it. I just think that you don't really mean what you are saying unless you would say that shit in front of your parents.

I decided to chat with my moms on iChat because I never do and I knew I would score an "I Heart iChat" so I decided to bum her out with some internet grossness.

Click Here

*Not Safe For Work

Look how nonchalant she reacts. Just an "OMG" and then she starts analyzing the clip.

You may think I'm weird, but fuck that homie. I'm just not down being some fake ass mark ass wanksta blogger. You got these dudes that bark all day and when their moms calls they turn all Alex P. Keaton.

Quit cupcakin.

2010 is going to be the year of the REAL.


New knit by the little homie Jordan.

I support blatant localism.

Seeing Jordan design and market his gear just for himself and his friends is always good to see. Once it becomes your job you never have as much fun.

Just like heroin.

Just say no to brown, kids.


Without the coma that last sentence is pretty racist.

Buy Here

Support the youth.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rest In Peace Yabby You

I just read that my favorite roots artist Yabby You recently passed away.

I will get together some tunes for a proper post.

2010 is off and running I guess.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Pat Gemzik

Dude plays it off so casual.

Why The Fuck Is Hockey Not Ruling The Sports World?'


In this one snap shot we see so much that represents how awesome the NHL really is.

1.) The little young blood in the Oilers jersey with "kill, kill, kill" all in his eyes. That kid is going to a.) not be a pussy b.) probably be the leader of some middle school gang c.) lose his virginity by 12.

2.) Long haired hoser dude laughing (probably because he just smoked hash in the parking lot) while shotgunning beers with his step dad "Todd".

3.) Little girl in the pink jersey pounding on the glass. Now that my friends is just too precious.

4.) Dad clapping at the bottom? He is applauding violence. Case closed.

Dear ESPN,

Get your shit together and start showing hockey and dare I say reporting news about hockey? Baseball is just so weak when compared to a sport that puts blades on your feet, makes you play on ice, gives you a stick, and LETS you fight.

Is it really even a contest?




Has it really been ten fucking years since this joint dropped?


Time flies.

At any rate this song is still the jimmy jam.

Also propers to Monsieur Killa Keo Lord Scotchford Shabazz for making one of the best rap album covers of all time.

Happy Friday fat girls!

Also if you didn't know. If you ever need a good laugh look no further than Youtube comments. People say the lamest shit on the internet primarily in Youtube comment sections. Not sure why. I guess because everyone is a fucking critic and or a music scholar. Look below at just the first one I saw.

For real dog? How does one find a music artist on their own, blood? What were the brilliant steps you took to find such an "obscure" artist? What you walked into a fucking Sam Goody? More likely someone recommended Doom to you at a fucking poetry slam while you were riffin some poem about an oil spill to impress some girl from PETA that you invited to the coffee shop.

And yeah, fuck mainstream. Mainstream is SO wick wack.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Graff Purge

If you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong.

Best Song of 2010

At least thus far.

Gucci Mane "Excuse Me" (Memory Tapes Remix)

I can not stop listening to the damn thing.

Keep Gucci Mane Incarcerated!!!

Ric Flair

Dude goes ham.

Custom cologne?

Where do you even get custom cologne?

So ballin.

Thx GT

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

D.I.T.L Diggin' In The Links

Serving up worthwhile links since 2007

Gucci Mane x Diplo Mixtape

- The first three tracks have been playing on repeat non stop since I got it

Why So Serious Jack?

- Dude has gotten more ass a movie theater seat

For The Pubs

- You're welcome

Lamebook Fire

- Only in America

Jammy's Compilation

- Anyone test Jammy DEAD!!!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Do The LT Dance!!!

I don't make much mention of sports on here. I am actually an avid follower of football (the American kind, its not my fault the USA doesn't know shit about soccer). Basketball? Ball up. Baseball? Wamp wamp. Hockey? Should be WAY more popular. They LET you fight for god's sake.

Anyways, being a born and raised San Diego Chargers fan I am glad to see LT do his thing. He may be in the twilight of his career, but most running backs don't have a huge shelf life anyways.

I really don't like that we are playing the Jets this weekend. It has all the ingredients for an upset, but let's just hope they play like how Jets normally play...bad.

RIP DJ Khaled

Sad news struck the hip-hop world earlier this week when it was reported that world renowned rap personality DJ Khaled was found dead in his home in Miami. The rap icon had fatally slipped on a banana peel while chasing his pet Maltise who he affectionately named Khaled Khaled.

The rap community at large recently mourned their fallen comrade at a private funeral which was held in the Dade County area close to Miami just yesterday. Miami was where the infamous rap impresario called home.

Many of the patrons spoke about the sudden passing to some of the press that respectfully waited outside the property.

"The funeral was da best," said Eric Sharron (Khaled's 17 year old nephew)"Like for real everything was da best. The service was da best. The appetizers was da best. The coffin was da best. It was how like Khaled would have done it if he was ya know, alive."

Even singer/songwriter Akon attended the service and took the time out to comment on his close friend "It's tough man when you lose one of your friends like this. I started reminiscing about the first time Khaled used the word "nigga" on wax (laughs). Right after he yelled it he looked up all scared, but we just laughed cuz' we all knew he didn't really mean it cuz you know he was like Middle Eastern and ay'thing."

The forty two car procession that ended the hour long service was a sight to be seen said many of those who were in attendance. Numerous and extremely exquisite automobiles paraded down in single file for nearly 25 miles of road that led back to Miami. Of course all of the vehicles had the windows down so that on lookers and lucky enough bystanders could hear the dramatic urban melodies of Khaled's music pouring from the cars. Ed-Note* by "music" we mean music that he didn't produce per say, but music that he paid to have made then got someone famous to rap over and then he released, so I mean really it's pretty much his music. Plus you factor in all the shouting and all the "we da bests" and you end up with a catalog of rap that is nearly unparalleled by any non-rapper or non-producer in the history of the genre.

He was only 35.

Goodie Mob

This is the last rap album I will be posting up for a while.

I need to take my couple month sabbatical from the genre. When I listen to too much rap I start acting up. I can usually tell cuz I end up saying stupid things like "Yo shut up moms, you can't tell me shit."

It makes me feel like jerk.

Goodie Mob is cool though.

Eat some Soul Food

Friday, January 8, 2010

SDTW Approves

I came across this gem of a blog.

It's nice to know that there are geezers all over the planet that enjoy graffiti, rap, ignorance, and politically incorrect humor.