Thursday, July 3, 2008

Madlib: The Beat Konducta Vol: 3 -4

I've pretty much been into Madlib since I first heard Lootpack and Quas back in my hip-hop obsessed high school years.

Madlib makes beats that always seem to be a bit off. At first listen you don't think anything of them and then after a few plays you begin to realize the depth of his talent.

A lot of artists make music for other people. I would be pretty confident in saying that Madlib doesn't give one sh*t about what anyone thinks of his music. Most of his projects involve an amalgam of sounds whether it's jazz, be-bop, soul, roots, dub, and more specifically on this album Bollywood scores. He is sort of the hip-hop equivalent of Lee "Scratch" Perry I suppose.

This album feels like a Bollywood hash trip through some crowded public market and is perfect for anyone that needs background noise while drawing, painting, or sniffing glue.



Madlib "The Beat Konducta Vol.3-4"

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